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GEN 8 : Faytes 2016-2017

The book was being written. The Art books were still getting done. And IN NY Joseph and Photographer Frankie girl on fire Martin would shoot and keep the energy going. Moving back to LA joseph continued to shoot whatever he felt was still needed for the full spitfires story. HE started thinking beyond the TOTF storylines into photography concepts that inspired him with Atsumi Kitada. IT was a ben of re-imagining, closure, and moving fwd. New beginnings and endings. TOTF Ends with Gen 8 but the world is so massive there might always be new ideas to play with and so we continue to play.

Welcome to TIME of the FAERIES

In 2004, Joseph moved to Los Angeles with the idea to recreate mythological archetypes in modern ways that reflected our current 21st century mentality, and Time of the Faeries was born. Using photography and self taught photoshop techniques, his goal was to bring reality to fantasy in a series now known as “Generations”. Every year or so we would work with new models and focus on evolving new ideas. It was an art project that seemed to inspire anyone who joined up. Faeries would represent chaos, magic, possibilities, youth, sometimes even tragic reflections of those things.

While it may appear to some that these images are only “Pretty girls with wings”, the performance and reality behind them are anything but simple. Come for the imagery, stay for what you see when you look into their eyes.

Angels : represent Dogma, order, strength and power, corporate control and religion limitations. But also in that spirit there would be Angels who would defy their kin and rebel, fall from earth sacrificing who they are into Fallen Nephilim.

Vampires : always the entitled, the hurt, the broken who only saw the world for what they could take. They were hungry with a hole within that could never be filled. These traits are humanity incarnate. Its fears, its pain, its beauty.

And as time went on, a full scale 10,000 year story arc filled with characters and life was formed. Over 8 generations of models and creative cycles, Time of the Faeries was forged into prints, art books, and novels.

Here on, we separated TOTF into each Generation, "GEN", and the best representations of them. Welcome to Time of the Faeries created by Joseph Corsentino.


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Born in Colombia, raised in New York City, working in Los Angeles, photographer Joseph Corsentino is a modern storyteller, reflecting our world in surrealistic fantasy and beauty. Whether he is photographing his experiences, visualizing music, or creating editorials for models and fashion, he brings 20 years of experience to the table...and snark.


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